Hello, I’m
Michael Ognew
a freelance UX designer

After 5 years of working in agency environments, starting as a graduate designer I made the move to freelance in 2019.

My focus is on conceptualizing and crafting digital products, based on a deep understanding of customer needs. Often a digital product involves not only a screen but a whole ecosystem and various interactions. I always work holistically,in doing so my design and front-end skills help me validate the ideas both in the early and late stages of a project. The result can be a simple click dummy or a more complex javascript prototype with a connection to different input modalities.

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My Expertise

User Experience

A deep understanding of the user and subject is the basis for an intuitive page flow, interaction and a sucess user journey.

User Interface

Create seamless and consistent brand experiences that are both visually appealing and functional. Experiences that hit the right emotion at every touchpoint.


Create a prototype helps to bring an idea to life in order to validate the concept or test it with real users.

My Projects

Medical Viewer

Web-based platform to access documents from anywhere.

Make Things Talk

Digital storytelling with RFID technology - beyond tablets and touchscreens.

Home Appliances

The next generation washing machine and dryer.

Fun projects

Various projects created during free time to learn new tools.