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The next generation washing machine and dryer.

As part of the Siemens project, I was able to help shape the entire product development process. From the first sketches, I was able to develop the necessary iPad prototypes for the first user tests. Further iterating the ideas and concepts until finally the first prototype of the entire machine was in front of me. Within the process, we kept developing our own tools to optimize the design process. For example, we created the tool to generate the animations for the light ring, which we were able to evaluate live on the prototype.
Within the project, I have taken on various project management and quality assurance tasks in addition to the UI / UX tasks.

  • Details

    BSH Siemens

  • Project Time

    3 years

  • My Role

    UI Design・UX Design・Prototyping・Development Support

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This avangarde appliance series are the first laundry care appliances from Siemens to use a touchscreen. Despite many user and acceptance tests, one is proud when the UI and operation is awarded. So the appliances have won a Red Dot and an IF Design Award.