Medical Viewer

Web-based platform to access documents from anywhere.

The current version of the software is based on an old development environment that does not allow a user to access the data remotely. The challenge of the project was not only to build a new web-based viewer for documents, but also to create a basis for future applications.

This project is still under development, the current status and design is under a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Details

    Freelance work

  • Project Time

    16 month (on going)

  • My Role

    User Research・UX Design・Development Support

  • Tools



The user group of the project is not homogeneous, as it is used worldwide. In order to understand better the users' behavior and attitudes towards digitization, the research has taken place not only in different countries but also on two continents. I was able to participated in the research in Sweden.

How I work

The entire project is in an Agile setup, which has led to the need for high-fidelity wireframes for development right from the start of the project. To get there faster, I use hand sketches to validate different concepts with the stakeholders before turning them into digital wireframes. In order not to lose track of a project with many stakeholders, I kept a "weekly report". This method helped me to keep track of all decisions and changes within the project from week to week.

Final Result

Coming soon